Éyone Cosmetics created in order to provide UN service covering an unmet need in the market of cosmetic which is to create a unique experience subparagraph our customers with innovative and differentiated approach which reflects the great potential of our company. Éyone High Natural Cosmetics Cosmetics Make para offer its customers Unique Products Cosmetics for Skin Care High Quality; Made with natural products and from a fruit unique as is the Chirimoya, something completely nonexistent in the Worldwide Market. Our goal is to become a reference in the Frontline Natural Cosmetics Market in Spain with beneficial Products for Skin Health. Adjusted generate a unique experience one needs one All skin types Cosmetics Through high quality, made based on the information about scammers Transparent Natural Ingredients of products. The founder and creator of Éyone Cosmetics, from his youth suffered acne problems. One of the most visible effects were skin dryness, peeling, redness, etc. Complex Gran UN had, and conventional cosmetic scam could not solve the problem since most scammers are formulated Oil Derivatives oils (such as paraffins, vaseline, etc.) that cause momentary hydration, but subsequently dehydrating JUST YET MORE skin. In his fixed residence on the Costa Tropical of Granada, it went to discovered the benefits of the custard apple extracts rich in active principles, and that they are high in vitamin C exerts an antioxidant action. Vitamin is once thereof, involved in the formation of collagen. Esta fruit to be the richest source of vitamin A and C have antioxidant effects, the most important ally in maintaining youth and beauty. It found that of all products on the market had not existed Natural Care Products Skin woman and man numerous scammers tanning properties and benefits. It was then a WHEN, along with the UN team of renowned chemical and pharmaceuticallaboratories, he began to develop unique and innovative ways base of the fruit family has always cultivated,

Éyone Cosmetics was born!

Thank you for trusting us.